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Exclusive superior variety for fresh fruit (DRUMSTICK) and oil production

Moringa seeds PKM1 wholesale suppliers

Moringa seedsPKM1 a superior variety from pure line breeding program ensure high productivity plants. It can be grown in varied types of soils with good drainage. The PKM1 seeds incorporate beneficial traits and it is evolved through pure line selection. That is why it is world leader in large scale plantation, for quality fruit and oil production. You can buy moringa seeds at competitive prices from us as we process your orders at minimum time.

A hybrid variety, PKM1 was derived from Moringa oleifera and it is grown for its heavy biomass and tender leaves. Characteristic features of these hybrid varieties include wide and dark green leaves, long and tender pods, bushy habit and rapid growth after cropping. Moringa PKM1 seeds were developed at Periya Kulam Horticultural College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu. This gives largest yields at the shortest period. PKM1 had a better taste than other hybrid varieties. It is one of the hybrid moringa varieties to give a higher yield when compared to others. Length of each pod is 45-75 cms. Each plant yields 300-400 sticks.

Nutritional Moringa pkm1 Seeds

Pkm-1 drumstick medicinal Seeds

Moringa seeds PKM1 cultivation practices

Moringa seeds Pkm1 variety
Moringa Seeds PKM1 yields

Moringa seeds PKM1

Moringa PKM1 Seeds is a world’s most successful superior variety of moringa oleifera

Ensures high fruit and oil yielding plants

Luxuriant fruit-bearing and cluster-bearing

Flowering starts within 90-100 days

The uniform fruit yield

Moringa PKM1 yields fruits of equal length – 65-75cms

Pods are green, fleshy and non-bitter

Fruits are equal in length and rubbery in texture

Pods are non-fibrous and soft even in late harvest

Ensures long shelf life of fruits

Other highlights

Moringa oleifera seeds PKM1 grows into robust and softwood plants

Bushy nature makes a good alley cropping for vegetables and pulse gardens

Leaf-litter gives maximum fertilization care for crop

Amenable for intercropping in young orchards

Free from the menace of hairy caterpillars and gumming

Exhibit uniform growth and thereby make twice-a year ratooning

High immunity against diseases and pests

PKM1 moringa cultivation is lucrative for farmers as they give four seasons yield and flowering starts within four months of plantation. Now moringa plantations for seeds are being promoted at global level with customizing the temperature control

High density planting and fertigation in moringa PKM 1

High density planting at 1.5 X 1.0 m spacing with two plants/hill and plant population 13,333 / ha along with the application of fertilizer dose of 135: 23 :45 g of NPK/pit (150%) through drip increases the yield of moringa. In this phosphorus should be applied basally as soil application. N and K can be applied in the form of urea and muriate of potash through drip.

After cultivation

Gap filling may be done within a month. Pinch off the seedlings when they are about 75 cm in height to facilitate more branching. Short duration vegetables like Cowpea, Bhendi and Tomato can be grown as intercrop.

For perennial moringa, medium pruning of shoots at 70 cm from the tip has to be followed to regulate flowering and obtain the highest yield of 37 kg/ tree.


A fertilizer dose of 45:15:30 g of NPK/pit may be applied 3 months after sowing.  Apply 45 g of N/pit after 6 months when the crop is in bearing.

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